Turkish Antenna Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish antenna, Turkey antenna manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality antenna from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

MAYE METAL        Türkiye         
s 60 cm antenna, 90 cm antenna, aluminum antenna, aluminum prime focus antenna, antenna, antenna systems, dvb, focus antenna, offset dish, offset dish antenna, prime focus antenna, satellite, satellite systems
s rack cabinet, pano, armature, rack console, laser cutting, punch, folding, sheet metal, electrostatic powder paint, product stand, antistatic paint, multiswitch, fiber optic, headend, transmitter, receiver, modulator, transmodulator, qam, tap off, group tap off, splitter, group splitter, camera, antenna, lnb, bus systems, intercom, smart home, tekniksat, patch panel, amplifier, console, set top box, exterior cladding, splitter, aplink
GES ELEKTRONIK OTOMOTIV A.S.        Türkiye     Yahya GELGEÇ    
s satellite dish, satellite antenna, offset antenna, prime focus antenna, receiver, lnb, coaxial cable, satellite sytems, satellite, antenna, dish, wall bracket, ground bracket, bracket, satellite syatems, tractor spare parts, turbocharger, turbo, tractor, automotive, automotive spare parts, wall brackets, satellite receiver, tractor parts, tool bag, turbocharger parts, turbo parts, satellite receivers, antennas, satellite systems, multiswitch, dish antennas, satellite antenna, satellite antennas, antenna bracket, antenna brackets, satellite cable, satellite antenna cable, satellite antenna cables, ground brackets, antenna mounting parts, mounting parts, antenna mounting elements, antenna assembly tools, lnb holder, lnb holders, antenna elements, antenna spare parts, turbo spare parts, turbocharger spare parts, reaction spring, tractor spring, tractor springs, reaction springs, satellite equipments, antenna assembly parts, antenna assembly components, lnb for satellite systems
TOPALOGULLARI        Türkiye         
s communictaion system, communication systems, antenna, land communication systems, maritime communications systems, radar systems, satellite
BULGU MAKINE VE CIVATA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Bulgu GÜLTEKİN    
s bolt, roofing, roofing products, roofing sheet, connectors, wire, antenna, decoration, roof access window, roof access window with ladder, roof access, electric powered roof access window, double pane tempered glass, double lift supports, safety locking, roofing tile, roofing tiles, fixing for roofing tiles, tile roofing, cut tile clip, tile hook, eave clip, mediterranean clay tile clip, ridge tile clip, tile clip, tile clips, lath holder, eave comb, snow guard, bird barrier, roofing nail, roofi, roofing nails, fixing materials, gutter hanger, ridge ventiletion tape, chimney tape, wall bottom sealing tape, aluminum valley flashing, aluminum termination bar, eaves trough hook, press welt, bolt hook, epdm square washer, lagbolt, pump shaft, u clamps, paint roller handle, spun wire
ERTURK ELEKTRONIK BILISIM        Türkiye     kasım ertürk    
s electronic products, electronic materials, electrical materials, satellite dish, dish antenna, antenna
SHENG YEONG PRODUCTS CO. LTD.        Tayvan     Emerald Ms.    
s antenna, assembly, cable, capacitor, cdma, circuit protect, coil, connector, customize, design, filter, gps, gsm, ic, inductor, isolator, memory card, module, odm, oem, optoelectronic, oscillator, pcb, pcba, potentiometer, relay, resistor, rework tool, rf connector, soldering, switch, test equipment, transformer, wire, oem, soldering, isolator
UNUVAR ELEKTRONIK SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Engin Türkkan    
s ignition coil, ignition cables, sensors, antenna, aftermarket, auto electronic part, auto electric part, auto ignition coil, auto ignition cables, auto sensors, auto antenna, auto aftermarket, auto aftermarket parts, automotive spare parts, auto spare parts, auto parts, auto spares, parts, spare, spares, auto, automobile parts, cars parts, parts cars, car parts, part of car, parts of car, auto cars parts, automotive parts, automotive cars, aftermarket parts, oem parts, replacement parts, truck parts, diesel parts, spare parts, automotive industry, automotive parts, parts, diesel parts, spare parts, auto parts, automotive spare parts, aftermarket, oem parts, ignition coil, truck parts, sensors, spares, auto spares, auto spare parts, automotive industry, automobile parts, car parts, cars parts, antenna, auto sensors, auto, spare, parts cars, part of car, parts of car, auto cars parts, automotive cars, aftermarket parts, replacement parts
s electronic products, electrical products, electrical materials, cables, cable, cameras, camera, loudspeaker, loudspeakers, amplifier, amplifiers, music systems, auto music systems, security systems, antenna, antenna systems, electric wiring, electrical installation, engineering services
BIOS BILGI ISLEM SAN TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Haluk Kemal DURAKSOY    
s trackers, mobile data systems, mobile communication systems, tracker systems, auto trackers, auto tracker systems, vehicle tracking systems, tracking systems, fleet management systems, telit gsm modules, gsm modules, wavecom gsm modules, gps receiver modules, gps external antennas, antennas, gsp internal antennas, temperature sensors, sensors, rfid readers, lipo batteries, batteries, immobilizers, alarm buttons, alarm pedals, jpeg cameras, tracker, mobile data system, mobile communication system, tracker system, auto tracker, rfid reader, battery, immobilizer, sensor, antenna, fleet management system, vehicle tracking system, temperature sensor, tracking system, auto tracker system, telit gsm module, gsm module, wavecom gsm module, gps receiver module, gps external antenna, gsp internal antenna, lipo battery, alarm button, alarm pedal, jpeg camera
EMEK PRES KALIP LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İPEK ŞAHİN    
s auto, automotive, industrial, platform, rest, rest platform, anti, climbing, system, anti climbing system, tower, tower groundling system, obstruction light, obstruction, painting, antenna, security, cement, cement trailer, cereal tipper, pipe type, dump truck, energy, steel, machinery
s antenna, earth station antenna, flyaway antenna, rx antenna, vsat antenna
ALESTAVIRA DENIZCILIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Kayhan ÖNOL    
s boat electronics, boat spare parts, boat supplies, fish finder, lifebuoy, marine accessories, marine electronics, marine products, marine supplies, vessel electronics, vessel parts, yacht parts, ship electronics, gps, chartplotter, radar, vhf radio, walky talky, transmitter, indicator, autopilot, water gauge, oil gauge, pressure gauge, electronic nautical map, communication, satellite, satellita communication, satellita dish, antenna, camera systems, life boats, life-rafts, lifejacket, life vest, life-saver, life buoy, lifesaver, thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, compass, fender, collision mat, ferder, mask, snorkel, regulator, diving equipments, oil tank, water tank, wastewater tank, water heater, pumps, oil pumps, ropes, radar
SABNET DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     AYŞE TAŞDEMIR    
s satellite dishes, installation materials, accessories, multiswitches, sab netherlands, antenna, satellite dishes, antenna, accessories, multiswitches, installation materials
s car accessories, antenna, mirror, wipper blade, wheel, wheels, solar window film, flashing light, steering wheel cover, steering wheel, muffler, air cap with light, reflective sheet, halogen lamp, wheel cover, arm rest, electric, electronic siren, other car accessories, car alarm system, window shild, seat cushion, halogen light, performans filter, signal lamps, siren, roof lights, fog lamp, stop lamp, decorative lamp, taxi lamp, hid xenon system, car care and maintanence products, cockpit cleaner, tyre polish, wheel cleaner, wax, wax and polish, leather cleaner, fabric cleaner, headlight cleaner, polish, car shampoo, engine cleaner, steering wheel, wheel cover, signal lamps, seat cushion, muffler, antenna, roof lights, fog lamp, car care and maintance products
ATMACA ELEKTRONIK A.S.        Türkiye     Alper GÜREL    
s televisions, satellite receiver, sound image, navigation, car systems, kitchen products, personal care, cleaning, white goods, heating cooling, led tv, receiver, antenna, lnb, central distribution systems, dvd player, sound system, blender, cookers, oven, fryer, grill, pizza pan, scale, hair styling, hair dryer, curling irons, digital bathroom scale, mini vacuum cleaner, water filter vacuum cleaner, 4k, 4k led tv, blenders, tv, television, vacuum cleaner, electric vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, mixer blender, microwave oven, amplifier, deep fryer, electrical heater, infrared heater, water dispenser, water heater, fridge, air curtain, electric water heater, toaster, ventilator, saloon type air conditioner, deep freezer, home electronics, ice box, cooker hood, kitchen devices, electric grid, subwoofer, horizontal water filter vacuum cleaner, carpet washing machine, water filtered vacuum cleaner, mini fridge, fan, split type ac, floor standing type ac, cassette type ac, ceiling floor type ac, infrared heating system, portable air conditioner, floor standing type air conditioner, inverter split air conditioner, electrical water heater, alura led tv, mini satelite receiver, interior lnb, bluetooth speaker, car tape with navigasyon, electric grill, tea maker, fruit juicer, kettle, vertical type freezer, quartz heater, turbo mini oven, cooktop, electrical carpet cleaner, electrical grill, small household appliances, small electrical houseware, car electronics, led monitor, integrated satellite receiver led tv, full hd led monitor, vacuum cleaning machine, office type fridge
BJTEK Navigation Inc.        Tayvan     Lotus Hsieh    
s marine, gps, antenna
BARBAROS ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ahmet KOZ    
s switchboards, switchboard, modulator, modulators, taps, splitters, lnbf, single channel modulators, multiswitchboards, splitter, amplifiers, cable, cables, type cable, receivers, receiver, antenna, galvanized antenna, connectors, wall sockets, antenna positioner, diagrams, setup diagram, cable products, fiber products, splitter, fiber optic products, tv accessories, cable product, modultor products, tv accessory
PROFEN ILETISIM TEKNOLOJILERI A.S.        Türkiye     Mustafa Haydar Bayzan    
s cable tv, antennas, antenna, band antenna, fiber lnb, mdu converter, headend platform, analog cards, analog card, digital cards, digital card, ip cameras, analog cameras, network video recorder, network video recorders, digital video recorder, digital video recorders, data network systems, data network system, intruder alarm system, intruder alarm systems, fire detection systems, fire detection system, access control systems, access control system, intercom systems, intercom system, data network, access control, intercom systems, fire detection, data network, smart home, intruder alarm, intruder alarms
SONMICRO ELEKTRONIK GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s ethernet converter module, antenna, mini module evaluation kit, electronics, electronic materials