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In 1972, KUMTEL A.S. has started its activity and succeeded in producing the first phone in Turkey. Since this time we have been specialized in the manufacturing of a wide range of electrical home appliances such as stand free ovens, mini ovens, electric heaters, cookers, hotplates, barbecues. Our company closely follows the developments in the sector, has expanded its product range by merging its production experience with technology. With the motto ‘Cooking & Heating: That’s Our Expertise’ Kumtel aims to meet the different consumer needs in different geographical regions of the world and continues to meet the increasing quality and innovation expectations of the market with its R & D activities. We have two different brands of our own, named Kumtel and Luxell. We do produce under these two brand names both for our domestic market and international markets. At this point, Kumtel, which exports 70% of its production to more than 120 countries, has become a preferred brand in the world market. If requested, we can also produce goods for our clients’ own brands, namely under Original Equipment Manufacturer’s brands. Our international trade policy is always to extend the volume and increase the number of markets we cover. And our best advantage and strength in this highly competitive market of appliance production is our flexibility and ability to answer our clients’ demands very quickly and promptly. We have been proudly meeting our clients’ needs since 1960 and believe in good customer relations is the key to our success. Our company has the mission of delivering the highest quality product and the quality in the production, and the products of our company are CE certified. In addition, our products are certified by world-renowned standards organizations such as TSE, SGS, LVD, EMC, and RoHS. Kumtel is among Turkey's largest 500 industrial companies since 2005 and aims to continue its steady growth. And the establishment of Kumtek Industrial PLC in Ethiopia is the first step in this direction.
Atmaca Elektronik A.S. started its business life in 1979 as a personal enterprise of its founder Mr. Hayrettin Atmaca. As a result of this commercial process which started with the highest tax-paye
KLEO provides services in minibar and room equipment products market for the areas defined below. 1. Corporate and Retail Sale Services It constantly supports its customers with direct sale operations, provides project assistance on corporate sales. 2. Dealership Organizations Negotiates with the companies that want to sell the products in the country and provide after-sale services, and it provides necessary project and introduction support for these services in its market. It creates the results of co-operation necessary for the continuation of these negotiations... 3. International Marketing Activities It makes world-wide preparations for new products and new markets. It provides necessary negotiations by researching distributor or sale channels. It makes the necessary agreements as a result of the negotiations. 4. Product Management It carries out directing researches about technological developments and design of the products. It prepares projects to realize them and makes reports by getting end user feedback according to the production results. 5. International Agreements It enables international agreements, whose administrative,legal and risk conditions are defined in the correct and proper way for the parties, according to the contents of the commercial capabilities, to be arranged.
Arzum is a leading supplier of small electrical household appliances in Turkey since its establishment in 1953. We have more than 200 products in the food preparation, cooking & frying, beverage preparation, line care, personal care and house cleaning categories. We are currently exporting to 35 countries in all around the world. All our products are sold with 3-year warranty. We have our own companies located in USA and Hong Kong to manage export and supply process. Our R&D teams in Turkey and Hong Kong continuously work to create a unique and innovative items equipped with latest technologies. In addition to the conventional small appliances portfolio, we also launched the world’s first automatic Turkish coffee machine OKKA in 2014. This product became a big hit, especially in the Middle East and Central Europe immediately. It is now widely available in markets such as Media Markt, Saturn, Metro and Amazon. We have registered several patents worldwide during Okka’s development and the product has won design awards such as Reddot and Plus X.
Established in 1997, our company has started to offer products and services to its customers by working together with many global companies in Turkey in consumer electronics sector. Having proven itself in water heaters until 2001, our company, which targets innovation and non-stop production, today has produced hundreds of new projects and productions. Royal family, with its increasing number of employees and engineers and experience production staff within itself, has developed new product projects and today, it has become an international global company in the field of personal care, kitchen group and water heaters. Today; it produces many products such as electric water heater, hair drier, hair straighteners, hair curlers, shredder group, rondo, meat mincing machines, toaster machines, mixer group, electric coffee pot groups, kettle groups, tea machines and hand blender sets. The most important principle of our reputable company is producing high quality, long lasting, aesthetic and economical products for our customers. Our company is a follower and practitioner of all kinds of developing and renewing materials in the sector. Our goal is to develop new projects in line with our customers' demands and to pass on their dreams with their R&D studies with understanding of competitive price and high quality. To provide a better service for our partners and customers, intercorporate applications are planned in an observable and measurable way. It has done and does studies to make the quality a lifestyle, to adopt and feel the quality philosophy to all of its employees.